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This rotary mower for sale is the updated version from the type 9GX series.  Safety Chains. Rubber tires to transport easily.
This rotary cutter can be used to cut grass, weeds, and plants in any type of grassy area from fields, parks, and roadway grass verges to lawns, etc..

It is a mounted rotary mower.
This tractor rotary mower has the protectable chain in the front and rear of implement.
Specially for cutting the  weeds in the big farmland or the uncultivated land.


Model Unit AR9GX-1.0 AR9GX-1.5 AR9GX-1.8 AR9GX-2.1
Working width mm 1000 1500 1800 2100
Working depth mm                                              30-50
PTO Rotation speed r/min                                                540
PTO shaft spline                                             6 spline
Total weight kg 235 335 440 520
Matched power hp 25-40 40-60 70-80 90
Linkage                               Three-point suspension


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