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Hydraulic Folding Disc Harrow

AUSREX series hydraulic folding disc harrow is well suitable to heavy clay soil, waste land and weedy field as well, mainly suitalbe for stubble cleaning before farming, it can break the hardened soil and return the chopped straw to the soil, and also can crash the soil after tillage and level the land. the heavy duty disc harrow can cultivate the soil instead of plow. This heavy hydraulic folding disc harrow is very suitable for big farm land.

1) the gangs assembly can be folded for easy transportation on road.
2) The hydraulic system to lift and bring down the transport wheel freely.
3) High quality of difunctional oil cylinder.
4) Widely working width from 5m to 7.5m.


Item Hydraulic Folding Disc Harrow
Working width 7500mm
Working depth 250-300mm
No. of discs 40 / 44 / 48 / 60 pcs
Disc dimension 660*6mm
Bearing Bearing assembly type
Total weight 6100kg
Matched tractor power 240hp
Linkage Trailed